About Us

I established High Oak Antiques in 2019, taking the jump to set up a small business whilst also working in the City... the plan is to grow High Oak Antiques and over time be able to focus 100% on something I think I will really love!  My house is already full of many treasures - I love telling the story of an item or finding something old and battered and bringing it back to life!

My style can't really be pigeon-holed... it doesn't matter if the item I find was made in 1950, 1850 or 1750... it just has to appeal to me.  Quite simply, I'm guessing that if I love it, there's a chance someone else will as well!  My real loves are industrial items, mirrors and anything that's a little bit different.  Expect to see an eclectic mix of items, that probably don't logically sit together.  Antique buying and selling should be fun and interesting... when I'm thinking about buying- something one of my tests is "if it doesn't sell, would I be happy with it in my house?!"

I hope you'll love the items I find and I'd love to see what you do with them - please take a picture and post on Instagram tagging @highoakantiques!  And, don't worry about what someone else will think... buy something because you love it!


The boring legal bit - Terms and Conditions.

1. It's rare to be able to absolutely nail the date an item was made unless  it's hallmarked silver or a dated painting for example.  Therefore whilst we often give an indication this may be fairly wide unless we have specific reason to think we can be more certain.  Describing antiques is an imprecise art... just have a look at your local auction house and see the amount of times they are really wide of the mark on an estimate!  Where we are unsure, we will say.  All measurements are to the nearest centimetre.

2. Any electrical items are sold without PAT testing unless specifically noted.  In the description, I will state with the item is working or not.  You are advised to have a qualified electrician review any electrical items before using them.

3. All prices exclude packing and delivery.  Please hit the enquire button or DM via Instagram with your location and we can arrange a final price.  Note we reserve the right to charge different prices on different platforms (eg a price at an online marketplace like eBay may be higher than buying direct from this website).

4. Collection is available from Ware, Herfordshire when I'm at home.  I may be able to deliver in and around the London area, especially if where you are coincides with an auction or antiques fair that I'm going to!

5. All items must be paid for in advance of delivery or collection.  Sorry, but I won't take cash on collection as there are too many stories out there of wasted days when a buyer promised to arrive and never did!  If you've bought many items from me, I'll likely be flexible on this, but at the start it will be a strict rule.  Payments accepted by BACS transfer only.

6. I can only ship within the UK.  If you are outside of the UK, I'm very happy to ship to a UK transport company but you would need to make onward arrangements from there.  The exception to this is small items which could be posted in the standard Royal Mail.  For any non-UK shipments, the recipient is solely responsible for import duties and charges that may be levied by the authorities of your country.  All items will be sent with a tracked mail service.

7.  If you buy having seen an item on my website the Distance Selling Regulations apply.  Under these you:

Have a right to cancel your order within a seven day cooling-off period.  Note you will have to cover the cost of returning the goods to me and they must arrive back in the same condition that they were delivered to you.  I will cover the cost of return postage if the item is shown to be mis-described (eg if I made an error and said a statue was 10cm tall and it was actually 100cm tall, then it's fair enough that I cover the costs of my mistake).

Have a right to have the goods provided within 30 days after the order was sent, unless otherwise agreed.  Please note that I do have to travel internationally with my day job, so therefore there may be occassions where delivery takes a little longer than you may hope.  I'll always keep you informed of delivery times when we agree a price.

8.  If you buy from me not via any other means (eg at a fair, or say you come to collect an item and see something else you like), the above rights in point 6 do not apply and items are "sold as seen" without a cooling-off period.

9. Any terms here do not amend any other rights that you have under the law.

10. Contact details are provided on the website.  The preference is email or Instagram DM.  If you need to contact by phone, please use Whatsapp as if I am travelling with the day job, I will get the message.  When I'm outside the EU I won't have the roaming turned on so won't pick up texts or calls!  Sorry!

11. All photographs on the website and Instagram are taken without filters.  Please ask questions before you buy!

12. Trade enquiries welcomed.

13. All contracts are governed by the law of England and Wales.